What is it?

Blue color fabric. Be it worn, torn and dusty... or brand spankin' new.
It's denim with a little bit of soul.

Why is it special?

Each piece is a fiery Phoenix. Being born anew.
Risen from the edge of blandness and obscurity.
Given back the sweet taste of life that art offers.

How is it made?

Desire to create, random thoughts, soul searching, willpower and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey.
New designs are created using acrylic paints, paint brushes my cat steals from my neighbor and accessories from The Label.
Great care is taken to sow in the lining for each piece, with crafting know how passed down through the generations, all the way from Eastern Europe, from the land of Vlad the Impaler. So you know I’m not messing around...

Why buy it?

The weather...
Because it's cold outside is good reason enough. But other than that...

The process

Every piece is handcrafted to give you the warm and fuzzy feeling that lots of blood, sweat and tears, from a very tired and slightly intoxicated woman, went into creating a unique item of clothing.

Bragging rights

For your purchase, you are able to choose what image or style you wish painted on your desired item.
Just think how good you will feel when you see yourself in a mirror while wearing a custom, one of a kind, portable piece of art.

Feeling epic

Your custom order will help create and sustain this brand, as well as elevate it to new heights.
Making Americana shine with every step you take in Las Vegas and beyond.