The brand was born in 2018 in Las Vegas and envisioned a strong and personal relationship to every and single one of its clients. The movement of wearable art has become popular in the recent years, and we define it through all our designs that are meant to create a unique and exclusive experience for the wearer.

   We have started this brand by pure passion about fashion and art in order to free everyone from this monotone world and others’ conceptions. “The Label Official” is not just a brand for customized and hand-painted clothing; by its values it empowers its customers to be unique and reimagine themselves through wearable art.

   From family to friends to celebrities and more, we have developed over three hundred different custom made designs that highlight various aspects of their lifestyle. The role of the designs is to define and connect people by leaving a personal mark on each of our products. They are distinctive and made to order after a vigorous process that directly involves both sides – the artist and the customer.

   We offer multiple ways of generating the desired product – either through brainstorming with the buyer who will answer several questions regarding his visions, hobbies, and preferences; or by simply submitting an already made design that we will review. Regarding the actual customization process, we do use a wide range of techniques and carefully selected paints for a spectacular result. The colors will be chosen to match the sentiments and the story of the design in an empathic manner that will unleash the emotions of its new owner. About the jackets themselves, our customers can choose from the variety we offer and have the design painted on it; either they can effortlessly send us their personal belongings that they love or have a powerful significance for them.

   The garments are all handmade in Las Vegas, in The Label Official Studio, where each item is distressed to a degree of perfect imperfection, creating a one-of-a-kind piece. Keeping the garments made in the United States is a core value of the brand.

   The Label Official has a lot on the horizon for 2022 with added retail experiences such as lingerie and silk sleepwear, and additional brand partnerships. We plan to continue to build the brand both domestically & internationally, uniting a Label tribe that represents the epitome of a rad West Coast lifestyle.

   The Label Official only exists because of the people who love to transpose their stories or inspirations into a form of art.

   Stefania Haralambie is the creative visionary & the founder of “The Label Official.” She is a beautiful young girl from Romania, who moved to Las Vegas to strive to fulfill her dreams in the fashion industry. She is rebellious and not afraid to risk everything for her aspirations. Stefi is very diligent with a great attention to details, fact that accentuate her native talent for hand-painting and designing various clothing items.

   She proved to be extremely ambitious when she quit her daily job and became an entrepreneur by herself. Because she is in love with the fashion industry – and that can be noticed in every single one of her pieces – she is on the upward slope of her career’s success.

   Her passion for 1970’s fashion and art that defined that time period inspired her to create her own handmade clothing. From music festivals to pop up shops to launching a Label flagship on the corner of Las Vegas Art District, Stefi has taken her unique approach to fashion design and created over 300 art pieces. She has tailored the act of buying a jacket into a nostalgic experience

   Stefi is always involved in different projects and welcoming any new opportunities and challenges. Networking and socializing are describing her best, but leadership and the desire to succeed are other strengths that are worth mentioning. All these abilities helped her throughout this journey, and she continues to evolve and develop unique products that exceed the customers’ expectations.