P.L.U.R. - Hand Painted Denim Jacket


P.L.U.R. - Hand Painted Denim Jacket - X SMALL - Custom Commission is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


   This garment is a work of art - made to order, hand-painted and hand crafted by The Label Official Team through the vision of our Lead Designer, Stefania Hara, in our Las Vegas Studio.

   All the pieces go through a very meticulous process that includes high quality materials and house techniques, assuring the final quality of the garment. They experience our magic dust that will transpose the wearer in a dream world, bringing a unique feeling.

  P.L.U.R., an acronym that transcends mere letters to encapsulate a profound ethos—Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. It's not just a combination of words; it's a guiding philosophy that fosters harmony, compassion, togetherness, and genuine regard for one another. In every letter, find a key to creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere, where the essence of P.L.U.R. transforms mere understanding into a powerful force for cultivating joy and understanding among individuals. 

Material: Denim

Dominant Color: Black

  • Women Silhouette radiating PLUR from her eyes on the back
  • Colorful Background

Signed by The Label Official and includes a authentication certificate.

Due to each piece being hand crafted it might have slight differences.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery, as each piece is hand crafted and made to order.



  • This garment is available now in size S; for any other sizes please allow 1-2 weeks to be created.

NON-FUNDABLE – any sale is final.



Model is 5'5, and 130 lbs. – wearing size S.

Soft and comfy.

We recommend sizing up if you are looking for a nice, oversized fit. If you want it to be a bit snugger, stick with your normal outwear size.



“Art was made to make you feel something.”



Hand-washing - gentle and you can manually scrub the areas you want to clean while avoiding the painted area.

We recommend spot cleaning when possible. To wash the full piece, simply put in the machine inside out, in cold water, and hang dry.

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